Welcome to the website of the British Traditional Karate Association (BTKA) and Washinkai Karate. It can be a little confusing so here is a brief look at how things are set up.

The Association

In the UK (apart from NI) our group is known as the BTKA. This association is registered with the English Karate Federation (EKF) of which we are members. Shihan Chris Thompson is the chairman of the BTKA who is supported by his Executive Officers and the Council.

In other parts of the world the groups are known as Washinkai Spain, Washinkai Norway and Washinkai Ireland. Whilst all are part of the same group the term BTKA isn’t used as it would be irrelevant in other parts of the world.

The Style

The style of Karate practised by the association and all the groups in other parts of the world is called Washinkai.

Washinkai Karate was created and founded by Shihan Chris Thompson in 1977, who to this day remains the Chief Instructor for all of Washinkai worldwide. 

The style of Washinkai is based upon Wado Ryu, but is ecclectic and you can find more about the style later on in this section. 

The Dojo Kun

Tsuyoi Seishin Utsukushii Kokoro Kenko Na Karada – “Learn with your soul as well as your body”

The Logo

The Logo of the British Traditional Karate Association depicts three kanji characters in the centre of the petal. These Chinese characters are Wa-Shin-Kai. The translation is “The Way of Peace, Truth and Harmony.

The seven petals symbolise the seven constituents of good physical karate:-

Waza (Technique); Chikara (Power); Hayasa (Speed); Kime (Focus); Ma-ai (Distance); Ma (Timing) and Zanshin (Awareness)

The seven petals also represent seven aspects of a karate-ka’s character:

Humility; Honesty; Responsibility; Respect; Courtesy; Integrity; Equanimity

This reminds us that the real purpose of karate is not merely physical, but that of self-improvement and it is to this end that we pursue our physical training.

Inaugural meeting of Washinkai Instructors 1977
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