Weekend Course at Lydd 22-23 September 2018

The very first weekend course of the 2018-19 karate season was held at our Lydd Club, Kent.

For the first time, the community hall in Lydd was used to host the course, organised by Sensei Chris Wateridge 5th Dan, the Lydd Instructor.  Washinkai members from Canons and Tadworth attended, as well as Dover.  It was good to see senior grades making the effort to travel to Kent eg Neville Smith 7th Dan, Neil Benton 6th Dan, Shaz Shahid 6th Dan, Annette Turpin 6th Dan, Roy Gould 6th Dan, Steve Hensman 4th Dan, Calum Mendham 4th Dan, Charlie Hobbs 3rd Dan and Pete Saunders 2nd Dan.

The Association was pleased to see such a large turn-out of students from all our clubs so early in the season.  The training sessions were enjoyed by everyone over the two days and the course ended with a Dan Grading.

Congratulations must go to:  Richard Thomas, Dover, 1st Dan; Euan Mills, Dover, 1st Dan;  Adam Jacobs, SMKC, 1st Dan; Celine Goddeeris, Lydd, 3rd Dan; Andrea Hutchins, Lydd, 5th Dan.

Due to the large turn-out on this course and the number of clubs wanting to attend this year’s Autumn Gasshuku on the 17-18 November 2018, the venue will now be Lydd.  This is coupled with Celine Goddeeris 3rd Dan, giving students a huge discount on accommodation at her hotel, which is 50% cheaper than any Travel Lodge accommodation.  So book early!!

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