Washinkai Karate

Washinkai Karate

Founded in 1977 the British Traditional Karate Association (BTKA) has for 40 years been at the forefront of Karate in England and are members of the only governing body in English Karate to be recognised by the World Karate Federation

Derived from Wado-Ryu, the Washinkai style of Karate was created by its Chief Instructor Sensei Chris Thompson.

Proud of the strong social and business community that exists within our group, an active role is played by the Association in supporting and nuturing these important areas.

Professionally run the British Traditional Karate Association is a non-profit members’ club organised by an Executive committee and a Council which meet on a regular basis.

The BTKA is dedicated to the practice and promotion of safe and competent Karate instruction and prides itself on the high standard of Karate achieved by it’s students, both in the dojo and in competition.

The BTKA has for many years advocated proper control and procedures for Karate tuition in the British Isles and beyond. To this end the BTKA were one of the first Karate groups to have Child Protection Policies in place administered by the Association Child Protection Officer.

This policy placed alongside our Code of Conduct, for both students and instructors, our mission statement, an established syllabus and an exacting criteria for Instructors and examiners, shows an Association that believes in not just meeting the standards required by the governing body but setting it.

It is my belief, however, that Washinkai’s most important success has been producing well balanced men and women of good character, proficient in the physical art of karate-do. I am more proud of this achievement than winning trophies

– Sensei Chris Thompson(9th Dan) Chief Instructor, founder of Washinkai Karate & BTKA

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