Washinkai Karate in Lockdown

A note from Shihan Chris Thompson:

I hope everybody is keeping well during this lockdown and making sure you’re staying safe!

Everyone in our international organisation has been affected by the Corona virus, but all clubs have made efforts to keep their students active whilst the dojos remain closed.

I would like to thank the following Washinkai Instructors for starting online classes:

Elliot Morton, 3rd Dan, Spain, for all young students in the Javea clubs.

Pete Saunders, 3rd Dan, our Dover, Kent Instructor, for running three sessions a week in the Dover area for students of all grades.

Neil Benton, 6th Dan, recently started an online class for his students in the Lydd and New Romney area of Kent.

Trevor Starkey, 1st Dan, for his online classes, twice weekly on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

All instructors have said how well the classes have been received and how they have given students sustainability and focus.  If any Washinkai students are interested in joining these on-line classes, please contact the Instructors directly.

In the meantime, remember Washinkai members have the added advantage of not only all the Essentials books, but also access to all the kata and pairwork videos.

If any Instructors would like to teach your students by video link (eg Zoom) and would like some advice, please contact Pete Saunders or Alison Thompson to find out how to get started.

Please stay safe and I hope to see you all back in the dojo as soon as this crazy period is over!

Shihan Chris Thompson

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