Time Allocation for Gradings

9th kyu to 8th kyu – 1 month minimum (Juniors only) – Orange Belt
8th kyu to 7th kyu – 3 months minimum – Yellow Belt
7th kyu to 6th kyu – 3 months minimum – Green Belt
6th kyu – 5th kyu – 3 months minimum – Purple Belt
5th kyu – 4th kyu – 3 months minimum – Blue Belt
4th kyu – 3rd kyu – 4 months minimum – Brown Belt 1 white stripe
3rd kyu – 2nd kyu – 4 months minimum – Brown Belt 2 white stripes
2nd kyu – 1st kyu – 4 months minimum – Brown Belt
1st kyu to 1st Dan – 6 months minimum – Black Belt

The Washinkai Dojo Kun

The Dojo Kun is a pledge given by students that they will endeavour to improve their karate skills and character through their training.

At the end of the training session, the instructor will either recite the dojo kun or ask a student to do it. The student will face the class and give the command “Seiza” (kneel) before proceeding:

“Tsuyoi Seishin Utsukushi Kokoro Kenko Nakarada” (learn with your soul as well as your body. This is followed by the commands: “Sensei ni rei” (bow to the Instructor); “Otagai ni rei” (bow to everybody); “Kiritsu” (stand to attention).

 Japanese iconic phrases that have a major bearing on your karate studies:

“7 times down 8 times up” (Nana Korobi Ya Oki) 
“The biggest opponent you will ever face in karate is yourself “
“Strong, patient, immovable” (Kennin Fubatsu) 
“Unite your mind, body and technique” (Shin Ki Tai) 
“Focus everything on a single goal” (Ichi I Senshin)
“Work in harmony with the power of nature” (Ko Un Ryu Sui) 
“Will and energy will lift you up” (Iki Sho Ten)

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