The Syllabus

The Syllabus

We are pleased to annouce that our complete syllabus is now online. Please read on to find out how to access.

The Washinkai Syllabus is very comprehensive and the information contained within the Online Syllabus is not a substitute for going to the dojo and learning from your instructor. However, sometimes, you may need a refresher and this is what the videos are for.

To access the online syllabus you will need an account at this website and ALSO be a member of Washinkai Karate. Access to the syllabus will be controlled as shown below:

  • Kyu Grade Syllabus – Washinkai Members & Dan Grades
  • 1st Dan Syllabus – Washinkai Member & Dan Grades
  • 2nd Dan & Above – Washinkai Dan Grades.
  • Washinkai Instructors & Executive Commitee – access to all syllabuses, including seasonal changes before students.

Applying for a NEW Account

When you apply for a new account you can choose the level you should be. We will be checking and all Instructor or Executive Accounts are already allocated.

Existing Account Holders.

To select your account level, login and then go to ‘Edit Profile’. Once there at the top of your screen you should see the following (ringed in yellow); Click on ‘Change’ and then select the level of account you feel you should have. All accounts above the basic ‘Registered User’ account will need approval from the admin team, this may involve checking with your instructor so could take upto 72 hours. Please be patient. Please ensure you log out and then back in for your new privilages to take affect.
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