Steve Hensman

Steve Hensman

I started my karate career whilst at university in 1979 – Bruce Lee and Enter the Dragon were all the rage, then a new club opened on campus, it seemed like a good idea at the time – and changed my life!!. The style was an offshoot of Kyokushinkai, a heavy style with emphasis on long low stances, power and hit impact, it was known as a full contact style. I trained with them for approximately 4 years and reached the grade of 3rd kyu.

After leaving university and moving I joined a Wado Kai style, the SKW, under the head instructor Barry Wilkinson with a new 1st Dan, Andy Jones, as my main instructor. I remained with Wado Kai, moving to a new association Kaishin Wado Kai following a split in the SKW and eventually attained my 1st Dan in 1997 and my 2nd Dan in 2006. Following the slow demise of Kaishin I found the BTKA and am proud to say I have been a member since 2011 attaining my 3rd Dan in 2013 and my 4th Dan in 2017.

In addition to regular personal training within the BTKA, I remain in touch with my first Wado Kai instructor, Andy Jones, and train with him when I can. I have also attended courses outside the association, these include training with Sensei’s Tony Heap (8th Dan Wado Karate Union), Iain Abernethy (6th Dan British Combat Association – special emphasis on kata bunkai and real life application), Roger Vickerman (6th Dan Wado Academy – kata bunkai), Roy Hobbs (10th Dan Dentokan – Goju Ryu and Kobujutsu (weapons including Bo, Tonfa, Nunchaku and sword)), Siegel Cheung (Hong Kong Goju Kai).

Steve Hensman

4th Dan

Club Details

Tadworth Karate Club
London & Surrey

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