Neville Smith

Neville Smith

I started Karate in 1970, I was 11 years old and came across it by it by chance having run into a Working Man’s Club in Castleford, West Yorkshire. It was a Shotokan Club and it wasn’t very bi, about ten members plus. I heard the words self-defence from the instructor and I joined it the following week.

I trained every week and wasn’t very good but I wanted to defend myself so stuck at it. It didn’t initially work for me and on asking my Sensei what I needed to do, I was told to train every day. I did from that day on.

I met some other students at school who had seen me with a Gi and they told me about another club so I went to this club with them and found this one to be a Wado Ryu club. I found that this suited me better not being so low down, as I wasn’t a naturally supple person. I remained with this club attaining my first Kyu in 1974. I trained at different clubs throughout this time with a couple of close friends and we lived and breathed it.

I joined the Army in 1975 and when my date for taking my Black belt came along I wasn’t allowed home to take it. I continued to train and whilst in Germany I ran a club within the Barracks for friends and their families for a short time, this was a good experience and learnt a lot from doing this. On leaving the Army in 1981 I was invited to train at a Karate club by the video delivery man who noticed that I watched a lot of Martial Art movies. This style was called Za Zen Shin Ryu.  I trained for a number of years and in 1984 attained my first Dan. Shortly after this I opened my first Club in a Community centre and later one at RAF Manston,

In 1986 I had started my own style having become disgruntled with Za Zen and the shenanigans taking place. I was registered in the AMA; I was trying to get one of my students graded to first Dan and wasn’t getting much assistance in this. I was informed about the BKA and I made contact to join. I then met our Sensei Chris Thompson who was sent to assess me and thankfully I was accepted into the BKA.

My students and I were enthralled with Sensei’s knowledge and ability and all enjoyed his lesson.  My students wanted more and I asked him to return and hold a course, which he did. I was invited to come and watch the Washinkia Nationals at the Canons Leisure Centre, Mitcham and there I was invited to attend a week’s Gasshuku at The Port Regis School. This was a very memorable time for me especially when I was invited to join Sensei’s Association. I learnt as much as I could in that week, obtained a syllabus book and changed my clubs over night on my return. I ran my two clubs for a considerable number of years.  Sadly, RAF Manton closed down in 1993/94 and I passed on my Dover Club when I joined Kent police in February 1997.  I continue to train and teach at Clubs in Kent and hope to do so for many more years.

Karate has played a major part in my life throughout giving me confidence, keeping me fit and healthy, teaching me respect for others and self-respect. Along with a sense of purpose and well being, without Karate I doubt I would be the person I am today.

Neville Smith

7th Dan

Club Details

Dover Karate Club
East England, Guston C of E Primary School

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