Neil Benton

Neil Benton

I first became interested in Karate in 1971, this was due at the time to my Dad training with a Japanese instructor in Shotokai, and he would come home tell me about his session which sounded magical and of course Kung Fu was on TV, but I had to wait because they didnt really let juniors train.

I began studying martial arts from the age of 13, initially studying Judo. In June1981, I began to study Karate Do, I trained with many Instructors but feel that I didnt really begin my training until I meet Sensei Chris Thompson in 1987 when I had opportunity to train with him and Sensei Neville Smith. In 1990 I was invited to join Washinkai and I jumped at it and at present I hold 6th Dan Black belt.

I have been teaching and running my own clubs since 1987, I have at present 3 clubs, one of which, since 2001, I have been employed by a local sports centre to teach Karate Do. My other clubs are based at local school halls, with plans to expand in the future.

I have trained many students who have now become Black belts themselves and reaching senior levels, as well as having many students who have won both Kata and Kumite titles at National level.

Neil Benton

7th Dan

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