Calum Mendham

Calum Mendham

I started karate at the age of 11 back in October 2001 under Sensei Neil Benton. He had recently opened a dojo at the local sports centre in New Romney, so thought I’d see what it was all about.  I was hooked from my first lesson and enjoyed every minute of it. After about 3 years, I had gone from training at New Romney every Saturday, to training 4 times a week spread across New Romney, Lydd twice a week and Tenterden.

From about 2003-2005, I also took up Tae-Kwon-Do and kick boxing but I felt these martial arts lacked a lot of what Washinkai offered and so I solely stuck to Karate. I also wasn’t keen on the “elitist attitudes” of the people I was training with which is something I’ve never come across in the Washinkai family.

During my teenage years I competed at a number of competitions at National level in both Kata and Kumite. I always ranked in the top 3 and in June 2017 I achieved gold for both Kata and Kumite at Lydd in our Washinkai Kent competition.

I reached Shodan (1st Dan) in February of 2007 and as of present (Oct 2018) I hold the rank of Yodan – 4th Dan Black Belt.

In February 2017, I qualified as national competition judge.

Since January 2015 I have been teaching at Lydd twice a week with Chris Wateridge, however, as of October 2018 I became the Sensei of Dover Dojo. I now teach on a Monday and Wednesday where I have about 16 students ranging from Orange belt to 2nd Dan black. I have a real passion for teaching and love progressing students through the grades and getting them to realise their full potential in karate-do. My speciality in teaching would have to be Kata and self defence but I make each lesson as varied and fun as possible.

I am first aid qualified, along with Child Protection, DBS certification and insurance. I am also registered as a level 3 coach under the EKF. Certification can be shown upon request.

Calum Mendham

4th Dan

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Dover Karate Club
East England