One day course – Dover, Kent – Saturday 3 October 2020

On Saturday 3 October, a one day course was held at the Washinkai Dover Club, hosted by Peter Saunders, 3rd Dan.  Dover Club location is at the Guston C of E Primary School, which is where Peter works and he is the Instructor of the karate club.  Washinkai Chief Instructor, Chris Thompson 9th Dan took the course which was geared for all the senior grades who are members of Washinkai Kent.  Neville Smith 7th Dan, Kent Chief Instructor, also attended, as did Neil Benton 6th Dan, Alison Thompson 6th Dan, Chris Wateridge 5th Dan, Calum Mendham 4th Dan and Peter Saunders 3rd Dan.

Covid-19 strict guidelines were adhered to, as well as social distancing.  Unfortunately, this restricted the numbers that could attend the course, but it did not hamper the enjoyment of everyone who trained!

Three kata were practiced over the four hour course:  Saifa, Seiunchin and Seipai, which proved to be popular.

The four Shodans who graded in September, from the Lydd and Dover Clubs, had their gradings ratified.  Peter Saunders provided refreshments for everyone throughout the day.

In the 1980s and 1990s, courses were frequently held at the Dover Club.  When Sensei Neville Smith joined the Police Force, the Club remained open, but courses ceased.  Now Peter Saunders is determined to hold regular courses again at the Dover Club.  It has a large membership of Gurkha students and as the Gurkha regiment is based next to the school, it is hoped that the club membership will grow again.

Everyone hopes the Coronavirus will eventually fade away and our karate organisation will get back to some form of normality.  We will hold more courses in Dover and Lydd next year.

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