Gradings split in to two categories, Kyu and Dan.

Kyu Gradings

Kyu gradings are all the gradings from Orange (8th Kyu) to Brown Belt (1st Kyu). Your Instructor will advise you where and when you should attend your next Kyu Grading. There are waiting periods between the belts:
  • Orange to Blue Belt – 3 months between gradings
  • Brown 1 White Stripe to Solid Brown – 4 months between gradings.

Dan Gradings

Dan Gradings are all black belt gradings, and in Washinkai Karate can only be conducted by Shihan Thompson. All Dan Gradings take place on Gasshuku (Autumn, Winter and Summer within the UK). All Washinkai Dan Gradings are recognised by:
  • English Karate Federation
  • British Karate Federation
  • European Karate Federation
  • World Karate Federation and the Japanese Karate Federation.
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