Paul Hacker

Name: Paul Hacker
Grade: 6th Dan
Position: Executive Officer, Instructor

I have been practising Washinkai Karate now for 25 years and its been a major infulence on my life.

In 2002, after deciding that I no longer wished to work in engineering, I took up a job offer from Millfield School and started teaching Karate full-time. During this period we had phenomonal growth and in 2008 I took a massive risk and opened The Honbu, a full-time dojo based in WIncanton, Somerset.

Its been hard work, we run classes in the Somerset / Dorset area 6 days a week and I am incredibly lucky to have a group of black belts who, like me, wish to see Washinkai flourish in the West of England. The Honbu is now the base of our operation in the West, but as I tell all my students, The Honbu isn't the building, its the people who are inside who are The Honbu.

I wouldn't be doing what I do today without the help and support of my seniors, especially the advice I have received from Shihan Thompson. Listen, Learn and then put it in to practise and you can achieve anything.